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What does Fantastic55 do?

Our mission is to help you unleash your 55-and-better potential. We use research-based facts, communicate while learning, inspire you to be your best and we are independent – no political agendas – just be your personal BEST.

We know that those 55+ are faced with choices and challenges unlike any other time of your life. Use our information and inspiration to live an easier, smarter and better life.

We give you Information after our team reviews research, reports, articles and news items. The information is collapsed into actionable recaps, tips and hints so you can live easier and smarter. In our Topics section, we curate the original reports with live links, so when you need to “go down the rabbit hole” on a topic, it’s easy to find independent, pertinent, current and credible information.

You get Inspiration from the Stories, Lessons & Wisdom of real people telling their story. Let’s face it… if they can do it, we better give it a try!

And let’s have a Celebration! Life is better with friends, smiles and cake! Research shows social interactions help extend your life, lift your mood and keep you healthier.









Are people living longer?

People live longer. As a result, nearly 1/3 of our life is spent post-55. Birth to age 20-ish you receive an education,  20-60-ish you work, and  age 60-90-ish is a chance to do something. Gone are the days of porch sitting. We are healthy, active, digitally connected and exploring new opportunities. Note: the most recent aging statistics show a slight downturn in longevity due to drug addiction.


People look at me as old & pathetic. What can I do about it?

Embrace your fan-osity! Exude a positive attitude about aging (we know this isn’t easy!), stay informed, up-to-date and current with styles and trends. Check out Maye Musk, still modeling and being a spokeswoman at age 69. Try to be your best everyday and a role model for others. Seniors need to be viewed as strong, smart, vital and purposeful. Help us re-frame the aging narrative.


Who are the people in Fantastic55? 

Our main audience is 55-and-better (some of members are younger). The 55+ include the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists who will quickly become about 30% of the U.S. population, a staggering 98 million people. Some call it a Silver Tsunami or a Senior Tsunami. We are staying active, socially connected, taking classes, working, volunteering, traveling, exercising, using our iPhones and so much more.


How do I connect? 

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Does it cost anything?

Fantastic55 is FREE! Our revenue comes from advertisers, partners, sponsors and selling vetted items. Fantastic55 adheres to all FTC Guidelines and we promise transparency when content is sponsored.



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