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We are living longer, maintaining good health and staying technologically connected. Fantastic55 provides Information, Inspiration & Celebration to those 55-and-better as we encounter choices, changes and challenges. Let’s get it right the first time and live easier, smarter and better.

Unleash your 55+ Potential




Our mission is to unleash your Fantastic55 potential.

We Are 1!

Fantastic55 celebrated our first year in business with full hearts! We grew from 3 brave Facebook followers to over 6,000 (THANK YOU), initiated a bi-monthly newsletter (sign up), got our SSL certificate, got accepted into BetaBlox (a startup entrepreneurial incubator) and will do our first Facebook Live from Global Entrepreneurship Week on Thursday, Nov 15 from noon-1:30. Stay close! We are on the front lines of living longer, remaining healthy and staying connected. Oughta be interesting!


First the website home page tackles current and Hot Topics. Furthermore, the Checklists give you step-by-step processes. And the Stories, Lessons & Wisdom offer enlightenment and encouragement.

Fantastic55’s most robust social media audience is on Facebook. We post daily with topics ranging from Health, Money Matters, Work & Volunteer, Interest & Leisure and Foodie55.

In addition, our curated Research Topics  are a place to start gaining information for just about any topic Senior, Boomer, Retiree or 55+.

Connect with us. Learn from others. Tell us your Story and we will learn from your wisdom. Let’s re-write our retirement!


So why Fantastic??

Well, my dad, Butchie Davis, would say “Fantastic” to just about everything.

Earned a good grade – Fantastic.

Need a new dress – Fantastic.

Car won’t start – Fantastic.

As a result, you can imagine his expression, voice inflection and tone in many different scenarios. So I’m thinking with all of life’s changes, choices and challenges ahead, “Fantastic” feels like a perfect word to describe our lifestyle choice. The “55” helps identify where we are in our lifecycle. And although I’m not 55, I sure hope people still think that I am… forever 55.


A few Facts

Organizations like the MIT AgeLab, Administration on Aging, AARP, Milken Institute for the Future of Aging, the Association of Mature Citizens and more are in the aging business.

They are considering:

-Being lonely is unhealthy, hence equals smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

-FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a worry for 55 and betters since they are not exposed to new items.

-Those over 50 will leave a legacy of philanthropy of both time and money.

-“Superagers” stay sharp and you can incorporate their secrets into your everyday living.

-Jimmy Buffet is opening Latitude Margaritaville Retirement Communities – who’s in on a move?

-And much more…



What we Do


We sort through reports, white papers and gobblely gook to bring you actionable Information, Inspiration and Celebration. We take a grass-roots approach, suggest solutions, listen to your stories and keep it real. While we exchange news, updates and advice, we trust you’ll be empowered and inspired. You take it from there.

Whenever possible, we use 55+ interns, vendors and staffers. We understand your needs, because we are in the same boat!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help those 55+ unleash their potential and conquer challenges during this time of exponential change resulting in an easier, connected, smarter and better life. Our content is independent, transparent, positive and proactive. We want you to be the best YOU.


Live a Fantastic55 Life!

Join us. Be part of our community. Fantastic55 is free. There are no memberships or membership fees. Simply connect with us, share with your friends and family, and unleash your fantastic potential.