Approximately 75% of boomers express an interest in working part-time citing multiple reasons including financial, social, ability to keep up with technology and personal actualization. Here are some tips for transitioning into part-time work.

1. Start thinking what you might want to do. Check out our Research Work & Volunteer articles. Where do you see yourself? Consider your physical strengths, your skills and talents, your personality and if you want to work in-person or remotely. Make a list or start a file (paper or digital) of possibilities.

2. Volunteer to find the most favorable conditions for your next act. Indoors/Outdoors? Desk/Field? High intensity or Low? With others or on your own?

 3. Take a deeper dive into your interests. Take a community college class, a workshop or hit youTube to learn about your interests. Chances are a “winner” will bubble up.

4. Connect and network with professionals that can assist you. Let your friends and family know about your process. Have them suggest folks to meet, use LinkedIn, meet for coffee, or a beer and start asking questions.

5. Be part of the gig economy! Take a gig – a short term part-time job and see how it goes!