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2020 Doing Better

What will be your 2020 better? We’re working on aging better, feeling better, laughing better and just being better. Let us know what we can do better for you.

“Old Age…” by Bette Davis

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies,” said Bette Davis (1908-1989) and we totally agree aging isn’t always a happy dance. Yet, research shows that being grateful can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and help sleep. A University of California study found that grateful people actually have better heart health and less inflammation. So its time to affirm who/what we are grateful for. We grateful for you – your time, attention and support. How about you?

OK Boomer

Okay Boomer, OK Boomer or #OKBoomer is a hip phrase (meaning viral) these days usually spoken by Millennials when they feel dismissed by Boomers especially pertaining to issues they care about-climate change, student debt, sexism and personal care choices (pink hair, nose piercings). Remember when we didn’t trust anyone over age 30? It’s kinda like that. Generational attitudes. So before you call your grandchild a “snowflake” or rant about the benefits of eating meat, be prepared for an “OK Boomer” comin’ back at ya. And keep us posted, this could be interesting..

Coping with Holiday Isolation

Don’t miss “Coping with Isolation at the Holidays” by guest blogger, Heather Thomas. Her thoughtful words comfort and inspire us, yet most importantly remind us that we are not alone. Heather offers positive steps for the Extroverts and Introverts among us. She adds a reading list, movie list and live links to organizations that may be of help. We sincerly appreciate Heather sharing her important insights with us.

Holiday Heart Health

Holiday Help for Heart Health because 70% of us ages 60-79 have some form of heart disease. 1)Load up your buffet plate with fruits & veggies 2)Add exercise at every opportunity 3)Trade heavy cocktails like eggnog for lighter options; a glass of eggnog has approx 500 calories 4)Don’t go shopping or to the party starving eat a few apple slices before you go and much more from Harvard Health Publishing, 12 Tips for Holiday Eating by Patrick J. Skerrett and 8 Ways to Eat Mindfully During the Holidays, by Susan Albers,

To Nap or Not?

Napping (usually 20-30 minutes) delivers benefits of reduced stress and feelings of relaxation. They help rejuvenate us to finsh the day active and strong. And a recent study (Johns Hopkins University) found an afternoon nap of about 1-hour may improve memory and thinking skills. If you decide to nap, take them in the early afternoon, in a restful place and set a timer (napping shouldn’t be so long as to interfere with your sleep schedule). More info at Hour-long Naps May Boost Mental Ability for Older Adults by Honor Whiteman, 9-9-2017 and Napping: Do’s and don’ts for Healthy Adults, 

Hip to Be Healthy

It’s hip to be healthy. Even light exercise like walking, bowling and gardening can lower the risk of a broken hip especially in women (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Activity helps your agility, balance and muscle strength. Plus your bones will be healthier when you get the recommended daily amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. Your physician can help and may order bone density screenings for more information.

Delay Dementia

Delaying Dementia apprears possible by doing 6 or more activities per month including walking, reading, interacting with friends, hobbies, volunteering and attending religious services (Columbia University). The brain’s Hippocampus (memory and navigation) is known to shrink over time yet new studies suggest we can sustain its volume as we age. For more information What Science Tells Us About Preventing DementiaWall Street Journal, Journal Encore Report, 11-18-19 and talk with your medical professional(s).

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Tea Party Time

Tea Pary Time! Benefits of drinking tea include: Brain Health stimulation which lowers cognitive decline; Stress Relief by lowering stress hormones; and drinking Green Tea is associated with Mood Improvement; Adding Antioxidants; Lowering blood pressure and heart disease. Pour a little milk into your tea to aid bone strength, too.

Drinking tea make us smile and think of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “A woman is like a tea bag–you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. For more on Seniors and drinking tea go to Daily Consumption of Tea May Protect the Eldery from Cognitive Decline, Study Suggests,

Holiday Safety

Let’s be Safe this holiday season. Avoid Online scams like fake coupons you share, delivery email notifications not from an authorized sender and charity scams; In the House watch candles carefully, use holiday lights that are in excellent condition, be attentive when cooking (grease fires are the most common); and while Shopping go with others, shop early in the day, make multiple trips and put packages in the car out of sight.

Foodie55 Fights Inflammation

Foodie55 is listening to Harvard Health suggesting anti-inflammatory foods like tomoatoes, olive oil, green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, collard greens), nuts (almonds & walnuts), fatty fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel & sardines) and fruits (strawberries, blueberries, oranges) to reduce inflammation of the joints. “A healthy diet is beneficial not only for reducing the risk of chronic diseases, but also for improving mood and overall quality of life, ” says Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Foods that Fight Inflammation,, 11-7-18.

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Your Starpower

Tap into your inner 55+ starpower. Learn how to turn passion and knowledge into an internet video sensation like James (18th Century cooking), Clara (Depression cooking) and Jason (Modern History TV). This story is authored by a Fan55 friend (and great writer) who prefers to remain anonymous.  Full story at Unleash Your Fantastic55 Potential on YouTube.

Hydration Temptation

Seniors are at-risk for dehydration (thirst sensors diminish with age) which can cause challenges (heart, organs, muscles). Suggestion – Drink 8 glasses of water each day. Tips: Include coffee, tea, flavored water, sports drinks and others; Keep hydration top-of-mind throughout the day; Vary the temperature of the fluids; Consume soup especially broth-based and if you have persistent problems check with your medical professionals. For more information: Drink Up: Dehydration is an Often Overlooked Healthy Risk for Seniors,, 11-18-18, Q & A: How to Prevent, Detect & Treat Dehydration in Aging Adults by Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH,, 6 Ideas to Get Seniors to Drink More Water,

Tech Time

Tech Time – Keeping up with technology helps: Stay current and find places to go, people to see & things to do; Live independently (ride-sharing & medical wearables); Stay connected to family and friends; Earn discounts & rewards when you use Apps; Stay informed from multiple news sources; Get more organized and productive. Read more at 5 Reasons Seniors Should Keep Up With Tech,, Tech Training Builds Connections and Confidence for Older Adults by David Frank,, 7-24-18. Get tech training info at your local library, Rec Center, community college or even your church. Online search for Tech training for Seniors or Tech training for Seniors near me or click Senior PlanetOlder Adults Technology Services

Self-Care is Smart Care

Self-care is Smart Care. Now is the time to prioritize YOU! Here are some low cost, yet highly effective to do’s: Eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, extra protein); Exercise 2.5 hours each week; Sleep well- quality sleep helps your mood and energy; Do what makes you happy and fulfilled; and Manage your medications properly. More info 7 Ways to Step Up Your Self-Care as You Age by Patricia Corrigan,, 8-28-19 and Self-Care is not an Indulgence. It is a Discipline by Tami Forman,, 12-13-17.

Seniors Socializing Aids Well-Being

“Let’s get together!” Behavioral finance research shows social spending like going for coffee, dinner or vacations with friends increases life satisfaction. Spending time with a spouse in a strong marriage tops the list. Buying stuff didn’t notably raise life satisfaction (Finke, American College of Financial Services). More information at Happily Ever After: How to Help Retirees Make Lifestyle Choices They’ll Love,, 9-3-19

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A pawsitive addition to your life may be a dog: They add instant Compaionship, Force you to walk 3X per day, Stimulate your heart and mind, Calm stress & anxiety, Add Security to your home, Help you Stay Social and may better help you Recover from a heart attack or stroke. Lots of options: Adopt a Senior pet, Therapy dog, or simply volunteer at your local animal shelter. The annual cost of a healthy dog is about $800. There is a lot of research on this topic and here are articles that may help: 9 Amazing Ways Dogs Can Change the Lives of Elderly Humans by Claire Beaudreault, barkpost, 2015, Qwning a Dog Tied to Lowering Your Risk of Dying Early by 24% Says Science by Sandee LaMotte, CNN, 10-8-2019  Top 6 Reasons Seniors Should Adopt a Pet, from Seniors and Pets

We CAN Delay Alzheimer’s

Harvard professor: Healthy Living CAN delay Alzheimer’s recommends SHIELD: Sleep for 7-8 hours per night, Handle stress successfully, Interact with others, Exercise, Learn new things, Diet rich in fiber. Rudolph Tanzi, Harvand professor Medical School Neurology and author, tesitified in front of the Senate with this message just days ago. Tanzi is the author of  “Super Genes” and The Healing Self” books. More info Healthy Living Can Delay Alzheimer’s. LettingSeniors Work Longer Saves Medical Costs, Senate Told by Ted Knuston, 9-25-19

TV or Not So Much

Screen times in 2018 for Seniors (age 65+) are increasing ( with some of the increase coming from the 73% of 65+ using the Internet (Pew Research Center). Increased watching may numb us into challenges like cognitive decline, depression or worse. So don’t forgo non-tv activities! Make your plan to DO what you like – read, walk, socialize or whatever and then activate your plan. Yes, we recognize the irony of you reading this on a screen, yet we want you to live fantastically longer and healhier. For more information Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey, Screen Time is rising, reading is falling, and it’s not young people’s fault by Christopher Ingraham, 7-21-19, Work, Sleep, TV. How Americans Spend Their Days, Deloitte, by Arkur Barua, CMO Today,

Dr. Oz’s on Alzheimer’s Disease

5.8 Million Americans have Alzheimer’s Disease and recently Dr. Oz shared his personal story about his mom’s diagnosis. Early warning signs are Challenges in planning, Confusing time and place, Trouble understanding visuals, Misplacing things and more. Early detection is important. Treatments for cognitive decline are available. Research is ongoing.

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Caroline’s Cart

Caroline’s Cart solves the challenges of taking special needs people to the store (not a paid advertisement) and empowers the rider to engage socially plus experience their independence. Designed by Drew Ann and David Long to assist their daughter, Caroline’s Cart is produced and distributed by Technibilt and costs approximately $200 more than a regular buggy.

Brain Health + Blood Pressure

Brain health and blood pressure are related declares a new study from U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). People who had little control over their blood pressure are at risk for white matter accumulation in their brain leading to mental decline and dementia. Controlling your blood pressure reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and cognitive loss.

You know the drill – get checked (now even more reasons to do so), stay healthy and nudge a friend to do the same. More info at Controlling Blood Pressure May Help Ward Off Dementia by Robert Preidt, and High Blood Pressure Dangers: Hypertension’s Effects on Your Body by Mayo Clinic Staff,

Aging in Place Improvements

More than 80% of homeowners ages 55+ prefer to age in place and preparing your home might include 1)First Floor living 2)Improve interior lighting 3)Low-entry shower with grab bars 3)Comfort height toilets 19″ 4)Color contrast paint 5)Entry ramps and more. Professional Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) trained by the National Association of Home Builders are available to help older adults stay in their homes safely and securely. For more information and a comprehensive checklist National Association of Home Builders Aging in Place Remodeling Checklist,

Boomer Late Bloomer

Feeling like a Boomer Late Bloomer?? Maybe you are in a transition in your life? You probably have 20-50 years left on the planet and you want to still DO. Here are a few tips: Contemplate being an education, career, emotional, social or other type of late bloomer, Consider your circumstances – resources, responsibilities and health, Put a toe in the water like an experiement to see what works for you, Use your network and develop a new one to assist you in your new path, Embrace your blooming area and consider this part of your real self. Know that continuing to evolve is part of our new longevity! And definitely let us know how it is going… Your journey may inspire the next Boomer Late Bloomer. For more articles: 3 Cheers for Late Bloomers by Richard Eisenberg,, 4-16-19 and 9 Late Bloomer Success Stories Who Prove It’s Never Too Late to Achieve Your Dreams by Kaye Romos,, 9-18-17

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