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Gramma & Ginga The Movie

Maybe you’re familiar with Gramma & Ginga, the centenarian sisters who turned into youtube stars about 3 years ago. They’ve been on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots and Jimmy Kimmel Live (twice). Their sassy talking, sibling rivalry and off-color name calling are ubiquitous in family dynamics. And these gals are funny and wise. Well, a couple of “pretty girls from California” are making a documentary about these two and Fantastic55 is part of the fun. Click Gramma & Ginga The Movie for Kickstarter and more info. We’ll keep you posted on the movie release!

Your Financial Skills

Take advantage of your current financial skills and simplify for the long-term. Many people auto-pay household bills, insurances and other monthly obligations (even your church donation can be auto-deducted). Consider consolidating account to fewer rather than more and create a physical list including account, contact names, your user name & password. Keep in your home safe or in your safety deposit box at the bank. For more information click Managing Your Money in Old Age by Eleanor Laise, Kiplinger, 4-2017 and At What Age Are You Too Old to Manage Your Money by Robert Powell, MarketWatch 5-2017.

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If Josie Can…

If Josie can… Very proud of my mom, Josie (age 90) who is now an accomplished FaceTime user! She received an older smart phone for Christmas and is “playing” with it. She lives a few states away and last night, Eureaka! there she was on my device “chattin” it up. Hmm, Josie is raising the bar reminds us there are no limits!

Walk On

Walk on. Especially for the 55+, regular walking helps burn calaroies & manage weight, helps our brain by giving it more oxygen, strengthens our bones & muscles, and improves our balance & coordination making us less likely to fall. Walking gives us time to process our world/life and improves our mood by producing stress-busting endorphins. Step it up to a brisk walk for maximum benefit and track your progress.

Behold the Yold

The “Yold” or Young Old (Japanese orgin), ages 65-75, are continuing to work leading them to be healthier and more socially engaged. Yolds are un-retiring being productive at work, spending disposable income and embracing lifestyle changes-exercise, activity and healthy diets.

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OK Boomer

Okay Boomer, OK Boomer or #OKBoomer is a hip phrase (meaning viral) these days usually spoken by Millennials when they feel dismissed by Boomers especially pertaining to issues they care about-climate change, student debt, sexism and personal care choices (pink hair, nose piercings). Remember when we didn’t trust anyone over age 30? It’s kinda like that. Generational attitudes. So before you call your grandchild a “snowflake” or rant about the benefits of eating meat, be prepared for an “OK Boomer” comin’ back at ya. And keep us posted, this could be interesting..

To Nap or Not?

Napping (usually 20-30 minutes) delivers benefits of reduced stress and feelings of relaxation. They help rejuvenate us to finsh the day active and strong. And a recent study (Johns Hopkins University) found an afternoon nap of about 1-hour may improve memory and thinking skills. If you decide to nap, take them in the early afternoon, in a restful place and set a timer (napping shouldn’t be so long as to interfere with your sleep schedule). More info at Hour-long Naps May Boost Mental Ability for Older Adults by Honor Whiteman, 9-9-2017 and Napping: Do’s and don’ts for Healthy Adults, 

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Delay Dementia

Delaying Dementia apprears possible by doing 6 or more activities per month including walking, reading, interacting with friends, hobbies, volunteering and attending religious services (Columbia University). The brain’s Hippocampus (memory and navigation) is known to shrink over time yet new studies suggest we can sustain its volume as we age. For more information What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia, Wall Street Journal, Encore Report, 11-18-19 and talk with your medical professional(s).

Foodie55 Fights Inflammation

Foodie55 is listening to Harvard Health suggesting anti-inflammatory foods like tomoatoes, olive oil, green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, collard greens), nuts (almonds & walnuts), fatty fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel & sardines) and fruits (strawberries, blueberries, oranges) to reduce inflammation of the joints. “A healthy diet is beneficial not only for reducing the risk of chronic diseases, but also for improving mood and overall quality of life, ” says Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Foods that Fight Inflammation,, 11-7-18.

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Self-Care is Smart Care

Self-care is Smart Care. Now is the time to prioritize YOU! Here are some low cost, yet highly effective to do’s: Eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, extra protein); Exercise 2.5 hours each week; Sleep well- quality sleep helps your mood and energy; Do what makes you happy and fulfilled; and Manage your medications properly. More info 7 Ways to Step Up Your Self-Care as You Age by Patricia Corrigan,, 8-28-19 and Self-Care is not an Indulgence. It is a Discipline by Tami Forman,, 12-13-17. 

Aging in Place Improvements

More than 80% of homeowners ages 55+ prefer to age in place and preparing your home might include 1)First Floor living 2)Improve interior lighting 3)Low-entry shower with grab bars 3)Comfort height toilets 19″ 4)Color contrast paint 5)Entry ramps and more. Professional Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) trained by the National Association of Home Builders are available to help older adults stay in their homes safely and securely. For more information and a comprehensive checklist National Association of Home Builders Aging in Place Remodeling Checklist,

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What is the Silver Tsunami?

Led by seniors, baby boomers and those 55+, the Silver Tsunami will be 30% of the US population, or about 98 million people by 2020. We are living longer, staying active, eating healthy, working, volunteering, traveling, exercising, using our iPhones and so much more. And there is no how-to manual on this new type of retirement.

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Fantastic55 uses research, reports and data from many sources including the MIT Age Lab, Administration on Aging, Milken Institute for the Future of Aging; news sources like The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNBC, Forbes, PBS and digital sources like TedX Talks,,; and organizations like AARP, National Age in Place Council and popular podcasts.

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