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Go to Sleep

Experiencing more fragmented and lighter sleep is a common experience in aging. Yet we still need 7.5-9 hours of sleep. Some tips for healthy adults: Stick to a regular bedtime, Meditate, No tv or devices, Avoid long naps, Drink less at night (alcohol and other fluids), Exercise during the day, Get a little sun, Make your room a Sleep Zone and more information at How to Sleep Better as You Get Older from webmd.com


Takin’ Telomeres 

Talkin’ Telomeres today with Caroline Khalil. Telomeres are the protective compound at the end of chromosomes that shorten when cells divide. Shorter telomeres lead to aging and disease. Keep your telomeres longer with a healthy weight, regular exercise, lower stress (meditate) and eat healthy. This TedxNashville Talk is 15 min and Parsley Health’s What are Telomeres And How Do They Keep Us Younger Longer? add details and proactive suggestions.


Survive the Spring Sneeze

Seasonal allergies change as we age. Proactive steps to prevent symptoms include limit time outdoors and keep windows shut when counts are extremely high, change your filters, wash hands frequently, wear a mask, and more. See your doctor when needed. Check out a National Allergy Map , get the app or get more tips at Tips to Fight Seasonal Alleries in Seniors- Family Caregiver Quick Tips by Kathy Birkett, 2018


Meditate More

Neuroscience suggests 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds when they meditate (sit quietly and do nothing) even 15 minutes per day (Sara Lazar, Mass General and Harvard Medical School) as measured by gray matter. Develop your meditation habits, slow down and realize the benefits. More info in published in The Harvard Gazette,  Health & Medicine, “Eight Weeks to a Better Brain.”


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Seasonal Workers Needed

Seasonal employers are hiring and hospitality companies appreciate workers over 55 due to their work ethic, interpersonal communications and problem solving skills. Captain Robie (age 79) loves his encore career, ”The boat is my office and when people are on vacation, their smiles are infectious.” Find job resources at  aarp.commonster.com,  and indeed.com.


Mushrooms & Your Mind

We are crushin’ on mushrooms because new research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease suggests their nutrients can ward off Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) when consuming them 3 times per week. Study details at Mushrooms May Reduce the Risk of Memory Problems, Nicholas Bakalar, NYTimes, 3-14-2019


Peak Happiness

Happiness in your 50-70’s contributes to it being the most satisfying time of life. “The peak of emotional life may not occur until well into the 7th decade,” says director Laura Carstensen, PhD, Stanford University Center on Longevity. Purposeful work, starting a new business, voluntering or mentoring are important components. Staying healthy and connected (in-person and digitally) help, as well. For more information Science proves that Happiness begins at 50, by Jonathan Rauch, NYPost.com, 4-28-2018


Plant Your Seeds 

Gardening is a favored hobby especially for those 55+. It’s a form of physical therapy, emotionally fulfilling and vitamin D from the sun is beneficial (wear sunscreen). We aren’t on a bee soapbox, yet we found this chart fun & interesting. Are you planning or planting about now? Do you want more information on gardening benefits for those of a certain age? Click here, Elderly Gardening: Grow Gracefully Into Your Golden Years from epicgardening.com


For Your Health

Satisfaction of relationships increase with age and have a positive impact on our life. Be proactive-make new friends plus keep old ones close. This can be challenging, yet your health will reap the benefits! Join a new group, volunteer, take a class, visit a local brew pub, restaurant or coffeehouse. Published in the American Society on Aging, What Social Relationships can do for Health by Sara Honn Qualls takes a deep dive into aging and social relationships.


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Low Dose or No Dose

Low-dose aspirin is not helpful for healthy older adults as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine from the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association. However, those who have stents or have had heart attacks should continue taking them. And of course, talk with your doctor. Here’s an in-depth article from the New York Times, “Daily Low-Dose Aspirin No Longer Recommended by Doctors, if You’re Healthy” by Laura M. Holson, 3-18-2018.


Exercise: A Miracle Drug

Exercise is a miracle drug, especially group exercise for those 55+. It improves blood flow to the brain, relieves stress, lifts your mood, slows down the aging of cells and more. When you exercise in a group the social stimulation helps your psychological, physical and cognitive helath. START TODAY. We commit to walking TODAY. This information is compiled from McMaster University in Ontartio,  AARP and LIVESTRONG.


In the News

Thanks KC SourceLink and David Cawthon for the article on Fantastic55. We appreciate the background information you shared, the resources for Seniorpreneurs and the insight on Fantastic55’s journey as we deliver Information, Inspiration & Celebration to those 55+.


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Diabetes: Who Me?

Who me? 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 have diabetes. Family history is a strong risk factor. Warning signs include frequent urination, feeling very tired, increased thirst, always feeling hungry and more. Be proactive and get screened! Click for more information: American Diabetes Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health.


Sitting Disease

Do you have the Sitting Disease? Although not a recognized disease, WebMD defines it as the propensity to not get enough physical activity which increases our risk for poor health as we age. Tips: Interrupt sitting with standing for 1-2 minutes, take a walk, use a standup desk, hop on the treadmill or do whatever gets you movin’. For more information click here.


Sing, Sing a Song

Sing a Song for better brain health says research from Johns Hopkins. Singing, listening to music or taking a music lesson are total brain workouts that can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain levels. Plus they improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness and memory. Details are in Keep Your Brian Young with Music from hopkinsmedicine.org



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What is the Senior or Silver Tsunami?

Led by seniors, baby boomers and those 55+, the Silver Tsunami will be 30% of the US population, or about 98 million people by 2020. We are living longer, staying active, eating healthy, working, volunteering, traveling, exercising, using our iPhones and so much more. And there is no how-to manual on this new type of retirement.

Therefore learning from each other and our curated article recaps, lists, hints and tips based in research reports and articles prepares you to conquer challenges. Topics include Physical and Emotional Health, Money Matters, Work & Volunteer, Interest & Leisure and Organizations, Agencies, Apps & Books.


Research, Reports and Data

Fantastic55 uses research, reports and data from many sources including the MIT Age Lab, Administration on Aging, Milken Institute for the Future of Aging; news sources like The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNBC, Forbes, PBS and digital sources like TedX Talks, webmd.com, nextavenue.com; and organizations like AARP, National Age in Place Council and popular podcasts.


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