In this short clip, Helen Rinehart, age 80+, assures us it is important how we react to what happens in our life; not what happens. Her steadfastness, positive attitude, strength and work ethic are the underpinnings of how she tackles life. Helen is a mom, a grandmom, a friend, a worker, a volunteer and a team member at our favorite coffee shop. Four days per week, she greets customers by name and uses cheerful phrases like, “Let’s have our best day” and “Sweet coffee for a sweet day.”

Helen’s mantra is one embraced by many and was formalized by Charles R. Swindoll discussing attitude on life. Swindoll postulates that attitude is more important than the facts, education, money, circumstances, failures, successes or what others say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. “Attitude is the one string we have that we can play each day.”

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ~ Charles R. Swindoll

I was in the midst of an epic “something happened to me”- unemployed and searching for my next position. Research, passion and maturity (my 55+) led me to the intersection of our aging population and a positive attitude. Thus, Fantastic55 – a place for Information, Inspiration & Celebration for those 55 and better was developed. Our mission is to unleash the potential in those 55+. Our content is transparent, positive and proactive. We feature a Blog, curated Research condensed for easy understanding, Checklists and guest Stories that promote better living.

Changes and Choices

Led by the Baby Boomers, about 30% of the United States population will soon be over the age of 55. According to a recent Gallop poll (May 2017), working adults say they plan to retire at age 68. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the actual age people stop working is 61. Whoopsie.  In addition to work disruption, changes surrounding housing, health, insurance, hobbies, money and social activities will arise. Getting decisions right the first time costs less, saves time and perpetuates a positive life.

A Long Life

Challenges will be encountered since we are living longer. Average U.S. life expectancy was almost 79 years old in 2015 up from 55 in 1915. And today’s Seniors are like no other – they drive convertibles, use Facebook and learn to code. No porch sitters – 60% say they want to engage in extreme sports like zip-lining, skydiving and paragliding (

In addition to living longer, today’s 55+ see value in regular exercise. Fifty-three percent work out for 30 minutes or more three times per week (2015 Gallup poll). In 2005, 8 million joined a gym – a 314% increase since 1990 (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association). And they take fitness classes – from Tai Chi to Forever Young Cardio.

Because of technology they are connected, unlike previous Senior populations. According to a 2017 Pew report, 70% of Seniors go online and 42% own a smartphone (up twofold from 2013). These social silver surfers text friends and grandchildren, use Facebook, watch YouTube and much more. Their internet connection produces a positive impact in the areas of personal fulfillment, health preservation, social connectedness, functional capacity and caregiver interactions ( Researchers at Michigan State University report Seniors using the internet experience reduced symptoms of depression.

Not Retire…Rewire

So the stars are aligned for a rewrite of retiring…a re-wiring. We think Fantastic55 will help unleash 55+ potential. We politely, and with our most positive attitude, ask you to join us! Sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us on social media and use our website.




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